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Sanofi DTC

workplace @ Sanofi

Discussing a future work environment means reflecting on working procedures. “Deliver Together” becomes the maxim for an office space and its design.

The development of a new building becomes the driver of organizational evolution. Along functional and design related decisions required during the planning procedure the users develop cross-functional project team strategies. Discussing their future work environment means reflecting their working procedures. “Deliver Together” becomes the maxim for the office space and it´s design.

As part of an extensive participation process with various user committees, the corporate guidelines for the design of office space “Workplace @ Sanofi” are translated into a local and user-specific space concept to support work processes and corporate identity in order to make optimal use of the given shell of the building.

The office concept is based on cross-functional project work and supports optimized work processes, flexible adaptation to working procedures, and breathing teams. The bright and transparent space design provides excellent orientation and zoning of dynamic and quiet areas as well as differentiated spaces and equipment according to the changing work scenarios and tasks (desks in team clusters, formal and informal meeting rooms, lounges, etc.).

The signage system visualizes the user´s working processes, values and group identity.


Client: Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH
Program: Office Building, Lobby, Cafeteria, Conference, Laboratories, 4 floors of Office spaces, ca. 360 workspaces
Services: Supporting user participation process, space and office design; tenant construction supervision; Concept, design and realization of signage system

Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Building area: 12.000 m²
Design period: 2016-2019


Partner in Charge: Antje Voigt
Design Team: yuciyu creatives
Photographer: Moritz Bernoully, Brigida Gonzáles