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Architecture and Construction Camp

The Architecture and Construction Camp came to a conclusion on October 4th.

In this three-day Architecture and Construction Camp, we encouraged the students to dream about their future multi-functional space: a space for leisure, entertainment and learning, as well as built their own private small world by using simple cardboard boxes..

As they looked at their completed designs, the students learnt that transforming ideas into reality require lots of effort and patience. This great sense of achievement and satisfaction that is brought by actually building their own design is a rare experience in normal every day life, but is also an experience that architects get to indulge in.

The Architecture and Construction Camp had many twists and turns:

Difficulties in organising activities due to the pandemic; near the National Day, deliveries can not enter Beijing; elevator maintenance disabling passage to the office through the United University, the pandemic restrictions were demanding. Finally, two days before the event, we decided to move the building and construction camp from Sanlitun Electromechanical Institute to Qianmen Fayuan Museum.

Special thanks to Mr. Zhu Xiaodi for providing us with the venue!

Thank you very much for your cooperation and efforts during the holidays, allowing our Architecture and Construction Camp to be successfully realized.

Finally, we would like to share with you three experiences:

The ultimate goal of this camp project is to hope that our children will still be able to pay attention to their surrounding spaces in the future, so that they can live and work in a better environment. Even in the era of the limitless development of online virtual worlds, every bit of detail around us is still an element that can affect the quality of our lives.

We hope our children can feel that any good idea can be cultivated and developed from small to large, from idea to entity, from concept to realization.

This time through the construction, the children realize that no small idea can be ignored, and there is no big achievement that does not start with seemingly small ideas.

The ideas of future architects is also expanding. We hope every child is not an architect in the narrow sense, but an architect in planning for his own life and future development!