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Ai summer CAMP

During the summer, Crossboundaries once again hosted our recurring summer workshop, this time again within the walls of our own studio.
With students aged 9 to 16, we immersed ourselves into the world of design, focusing on the core principles and techniques of architecture.

This year, we went a step further by introducing AI Text and Image Processing classes. These were born from discussions in our studio about how artificial intelligence could enhance design processes. We explored image manipulation techniques and experimented with captivating text leading to extremely interesting results.

Alongside our digital work, we organized ‘Urban Study’ trips, exploring different parts of Beijing and visiting other architectural studios.
We all learned a great deal during this week, and we believe it was a highly successful experience for everyone involved.

A big thank you to the great and enthusiastic team at Crossboundaries, never hesitating and always curious to explore…
And also thanks to all the participating offices and of course the parents.