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Qkids Design Manuals

A design manual for future development

The design manual is a comprehensive direction setting up standards for future designs.

After designing and tailoring the first Qkids English Center in Xiamen, Crossboundaries continued to develop a design manual for all Qkids’ future centers. The design manual is a combination of design rules, design directions of different areas and fixed/flexible furniture, construction details, materials and already applied examples. The established design standards are the basis of the of the Qkids branding.


Client: Xiamen Qianshi Technology Co., Ltd.
Program: Educational
Services: design manual

Location: n.n.
Building area: n.n.
Design period: May. – Dec. 2020


Partner in Charge: Binke Lenhardt, DONG Hao
Design Team: GU Chang, HUANG Biao, HAO Hongyi, YU Hongyu
Photographer: BAI Yu