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For schools and kindergartens

FRAMEWORK for OUTDOOR SPACES of schools | kindergartens and SPORTS FACILITIES Frankfurt am Main 2023

Open spaces and sports facilities within educational institutions stand as invaluable urban assets. They not only present avenues for the personal growth of children and young individuals but also foster environments conducive to learning, interaction, and active participation. Beyond their pedagogical significance, these spaces serve as vital environmental and climatic resources, acting as communal meeting points and contributing essential social and urban interfaces to the surrounding neighborhoods.

The City of Frankfurt am Main is dedicated to cultivating a cohesive approach to pedagogical architecture, open spaces, and sports facilities. The aim is to seamlessly integrate these elements functionally, spatially, and socially into the fabric of the urban neighborhoods. In pursuit of this vision, the city is enhancing its established standards for high-quality school and daycare center buildings by introducing a comprehensive PLANNING FRAMEWORK for the development of open spaces for kindergartens, day-care centers, primary and secondary schools, as well as sports facilities for primary and secondary schools.

This PLANNING FRAMEWORK is the product of an extensive participation process, encapsulating qualitative and quantitative development goals that are binding for all educational facilities in Frankfurt am Main. Simultaneously, it offers strategic guidance that allows for flexibility and informed decision-making. Recognizing the need for adaptability, the framework mandates that spaces be designed to evolve throughout their usage. Educational institutions are empowered to tailor their open spaces and sports facilities to their unique needs, whether by implementing specialized pedagogical profiles or responding to site- and facility-specific conditions.

The FRAMEWORK for OUTDOOR SPACES of kindergartens | schools and SPORTS FACILITIES Frankfurt am Main 2023 was put into action by the City of Frankfurt in October 2023.

It is available as an Open-Source Document here!


Client: Stadt Frankfurt am Main -Der Magistrat-
Services: Realization of participation process, conception, development and realization of planning framework
Development period: 2020-23


Partner in Charge: Antje Voigt
Cooperator: BIERBAUM.AICHELE.landschaftsarchitekten Part. GmbH
Institut für Sportwissenschaften, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt
Institut für Sportwissenschaft, Joh. Gutenberg-Universität Mainz