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Caochang Hutong Courtyard House

Upgrade without gentrification

Two courtyard upgrades improving the living quality of everyday life of the local residents. Without tourist attraction, commercial revitalization, fancy bars, hotels or clubs.

Upgrade without gentrification

This is a collective project lead by BIAD Art Center, with 7 participating offices. In the long established community of the Caochang neighborhood in Dashilar, 28 courtyards in the neighborhood have been renovated in the first phase of the project.

Courtyards have a certain essence, their character and attributes are rich and in this unique urban fabric with low density, small scaled environment and alleys that connect the houses. The intimate relationship between indoor and outdoor and the contrast between the old and the new is crucial.

Crossboundaries was commissioned with the renovation of two of the courtyards 5-5 and 5-28. A few key principles are applied to achieve a basic upgrade: increase the interior area, optimize interior spatial arrangements, update kitchen and bathroom and building envelope. All this was done whilst being sensitive to the existing building.


Project: Caochang Hutong Courtyard House
Client: Beijing Tianjie Group Company Limited
Program: residential, renovation
Location: Beijing, China
Building area: 214 m2
Completion Date: Nov. 22, 2015


Partners in Charge: Binke Lenhardt, DONG Hao
Design Team: Cynthia Cui, Maria Francesca Origa, Felix Amiss, Natalie Bennett, Anna Pipili, Sidonie Kade
Photographer: DONG Hao